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Assault and Battery Lawyer in Gainesville, GA

If you have been accused of assault and battery, consult with Jacob Summer Attorney at Law, to help you with criminal defense and legal guidance.

Assault and Battery in Georgia

Aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges are serious criminal offenses in Georgia. According to Georgia law, assault and battery charges include aggravated assault, simple battery, simple assault, and aggravated battery.

Once convicted, you will face severe penalties. If you have been convicted of assault and battery, seek the help of a criminal defense attorney who can defend you in criminal court.

An experienced attorney will guide you through the legal process and help you declare any possible defenses.

Meanings of Battery and Assault

Battery and assault are related but distinct crimes. The charges of assault and battery are frequently combined, so people charged with one are often accused of the other.

Assault is the threat of physical force or harm to another person, and the charge of the battery is the carrying out of that threat. Any threat of harm that causes the victim to fear for their safety is assault. The offense escalates to assault and battery when the aggressor makes physical contact with the victim.

Battery refers to intentionally causing substantial harm or visible bodily harm to another. Battery involves intent, offensive or harmful contact, and no consent from the victim.

The main difference between battery and assault is that assault doesn’t involve physical contact, but the battery does. Both assault and battery could be of two types: Intentional assault or battery, reckless or unintentional assault, or battery. Both can be part of domestic violence.

Assault and Battery Lawyer GA

In Gainsville, Georgia, simple assault and battery are misdemeanors, while aggravated assault and battery charges are felonies. Whether a misdemeanor or felony, these charges carry serious consequences. The defendant should be found guilty in criminal court beyond all reasonable doubt. Therefore, getting help from an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential if you are charged with battery and assault in Gainsville, Georgia. Start exploring your defense options as early as now.

Our practice areas include personal injury, probation violations, DUIs, and temporary protective orders.


What Does an Assault and Battery Lawyer Do?

Assault and battery lawyers work to protect your interest and rights. They have gained significant experience in the criminal defense world and know how to work around various cases like yours.

The goal of assault and battery defense lawyers is to provide their clients with accurate and adequate information about the case against them, conduct research on the case, and negotiate deals with prosecutors to reduce bail, charge, and sentence.

Benefits of Hiring an Assault and Battery Lawyer

When facing an assault and battery charge, it is crucial to seek the help of a lawyer experienced with assault and battery. The following are some of the benefits you will get:

Knowledge of the Legal Process

They have in-depth knowledge of the legal process and will help you understand the process. Law has specific terms that only a lawyer can understand. Seeking the help of one will help you know the assault charges against you and the legal process that follows. Your lawyer will also guide you in applying for bail as you await your case. Understanding what is going on will inform your decisions and help you prepare adequately.


Assault Attorneys Will Give You Your Options

Getting legal help will enhance your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Your lawyer will advise you on whether it is wise to take a plea or go for trial. If the evidence against you is incriminating, your attorney will try to negotiate the best possible deal for you. In all cases, your lawyer will try his best to bring the best possible outcome. If you decide to go to trial, your lawyer will represent you in court and help you protect your rights.

You Save a Ton of Money and Time

Filing paperwork on assault cases is time-consuming. You will also need to set aside a lot of time to follow up on the progress of your case. Hiring an assault attorney will speed up the process. It gives you a chance to clear your name and return to your everyday life quickly. In the long run, you will save a lot of money. They will ensure that any miscellaneous costs are cut down. Your chances of winning a case are increased by employing an experienced lawyer, which reduces your chances of paying heavy fines and penalties.


They Have Essential Resources to Use

Representing yourself is challenging, and you may not know all the loopholes to take advantage of. The legal process involves more than going to court. It involves looking for and interviewing witnesses, gathering substantial evidence, and preparing winning defenses. Experienced assault lawyers have the right resources to obtain evidence. There are several law offices in Gainesville, GA, where you can find a skilled attorney to help.

How Much Does an Assault and Battery Lawyer Cost?

The charges of an assault and battery lawyer are variable. It depends on the intensity of your case, how much time it will take to gather evidence, the level of expertise of your lawyer, and their rates.

It is essential to consult with your lawyer before starting the process to get a clear view of how much they need to be paid for the service. Many law firms around Georgia offer free consultations. Schedule several and weigh your options.


Are Assault and Battery Felonies in GA?

An aggravating assault involves attacking someone with the intent to kill, rape, or rob them, using a deadly weapon or any dangerous object or instrument that, when used against a person, can cause serious bodily injury. If the weapon or instrument can cause bodily harm, risk of death, or injury resulting in surgery, it automatically translates to aggravated bodily harm. It also includes shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle toward an individual.

Speaking to an assault lawyer as soon as possible is essential if you have been accused or charged with any offenses mentioned above.

Assault and Battery Lawsuit

Assault and battery in Georgia could land you in jail with severe fines to pay. When facing such criminal charges of serious injury, you need a zealous defense attorney with experience in legal issues. That way, you can have a favorable outcome for your case.

Assault and Battery Case

Many law firms in Georgia offer free consultations. You can schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney and explain your circumstances to them. Building a good client relationship could help the possible outcomes of your criminal case.

Misdemeanor or felony can hurt you in the future in the job market or if you are convicted again. However, good representation in court will give you a higher chance of clearing your name.


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