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What Our Clients Say

Clean Star Rating

Jake is a great lawyer and is well respected on both sides of the court system which is a difficult thing to accomplish for a lot of defense lawyers. He got my speeding ticket dropped quickly and charged me almost nothing compared to the going rates for anything these days. I’ll definitely call him again if I forget that I have a lead foot.

-John C

Clean Star Rating

I faced a multitude of legal fees and fines. Mr. Summer was not only able to have them reduced, but he also left me with the legal knowledge that will be long lasting should I encounter any issues in the future. It has sincerely been an honor working side by side with Mr. Summer. After hearing his story and also seeing his firm rise from ground up, it has allowed me to obtain not only growth with my personal legal matters but share knowledge with family and friends as well. From affordable pricing, true concern for the client and being an advocate for the small timers who get swept beneath the judicial system; this firm is the voice needed for not only our community and city but the world. Peace love and blessings to this business.

-Trey M

Clean Star Rating

My first time needing a lawyer and I couldn’t have gotten luckier. My top choice for any legal matters from now on, PERIOD.

-Mr. Gee

Clean Star Rating

Smart lawyer, in touch with everyday people and truly wants to help.

-Bowdie B

Clean Star Rating

Best hands down stand-up lawyer you could ask for! Responsive reliable and honest above all! Jacob has been a blessing very appreciative of his knowledge and work ethic, if you find yourself in need you won’t find better hands to care for you in what can seem like very dark times.

– Jacob R

Clean Star Rating

Mr. Summer is a top-notch attorney, one of the best in town, and I would most definitely use his services again. Within a short time, he was able to arrange for my charges to be dropped. He always responded to my texts and voicemails promptly and he addressed all of my concerns with experience, knowledge, and patience. I could tell that he really cared about my case and how the outcome would affect me. It was nice to know that he was on my side. I have nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Summer and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

-Melissa W

Clean Star Rating

Jake is a brilliant young lawyer. I received a ticket from Oakwood Police, and called Mr. Summer up. He offered to help me with the ticket, and told me the process over the phone. He shoots it straight, and unlike some lawyers he’s very responsive, and fights for the little guy. Wish I could leave 10 stars!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

-Georgia Guardian

Clean Star Rating

Jake is knowledgeable and grinds hard for his clients. He thoroughly researches each client’s case. I highly recommend Jacob Summer to anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer that will work hard and give you his all.

– Jennifer H

Clean Star Rating

Jacob was thoughtful and attentive to what was in my best interest and and stays on top with communication. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to help me with my case and wouldn’t have been able to navigate the process without him. Highly recommend when searching for a reputable attorney.

– Warren R

Clean Star Rating

Jacob summer was very helpful in court I most likely would’ve gotten probation or my license suspended without him.

-Brayden C

Clean Star Rating

Called this practice to get advice on a situation that might have had legal implications. Mr. Summer was able to give me peace of mind about the situation through advice about the real legal implications, and also his assurance that the case would be easily defendable if it ever came to a courtroom. Glad I reached out!

-Colin M

Clean Star Rating

Jacob is a great attorney and has the ability to mold to the needs of his clients. I have witnessed it firsthand and can attest to his ability to work with his clients on getting what they want while working within the confines of their case. He is a lawyer with effective solutions and an attentive sensibility.

-John B

Clean Star Rating

Best help that I have ever received. Jake treats you with respect and honesty that goes above and beyond. He is very personable. I felt like I was in good company with him because he is very knowledgeable in his specialty. Would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family and friends. Thank you Jake!

-Jin K